Our Club is unique. Superb facilities and infrastructure come with an enviable sense of optimism, bonhomie. A sense of belonging is what we at Deccan Club are proud of. Members, their families, young and old, weekday or weekends, regular days or festival occasions – for every moment there is only one Club and one way. It is what we at Deccan Club call ‘ clubbing with joy’. All through the year we are there to make meetings, outings and festivals memorable and heart warming.

Play games for learning and growing


The games calendar is virtually an unending one. We have group and individual games. Both indoors and outdoors. From the carroms to the cricket, it is one happening place for game lovers. Our Club boast of having celebrity guests and members – PV Sindhu for instance who has taken the game of shuttle badminton to another level. Games are what make children come to the Club. Warm, engaging and building a spirit of healthy competition and team spirit. For the older ones we have snooker, bridge and a calendar that keeps both serious and the leisurely players engaged. Not forgetting the weekly tombolas and the routine fair that has become a habit for many of our members.


Imagine being in the center of the city and finding a swimming pool that is clean, compact and smart card driven for keeping the pool member-compliant and well ordered. That’s what we have at our Club. Water delights that are delivered to the pros swimmer and the pool splasher alike! Separate timings for women and family and men. All year around the clean blue waters await the members.

Enjoy With family and friends comes fun


Members love the club because we make it a chosen place for the whole family. At our Club we have enough happening for all the members in a family. Just an evening dinner in the outdoors with the stars as a roof? It is a done thing here. Or a leisurely movie outing surrounded by friends and in your own neighborhood feeling? It is a done thing here. If you want to call over you own partygoers then the ambience and the facilities make you feel at home while the warm endearing staff is always there to help you.


Fun occasions are many at the Club. If it means a dandiya during Dassehra then here the steps and the beats will elevate your happiness. If it is just that lemon in the spoon competition held for tiny tots, then rest assured we know how important it is for the little ones to be at home. We make them feel that way here. It is like stepping out into a friendly place, where warmth and service blend together to give you that unique fun filled memories. All year round we should say…

Experience Well contained facilities

Facilities that have been developed on a rounded understanding of the changing needs and the different age groups those come here. Out Gym is modern, air-conditioned and well maintained. A personal trainer on attendance and care to take the beginner into his/her first gymming steps or allow that regular to loosen up and build mass the right way. Here we have a gym that is bright, open in setting and expansive to make one feel body and mind fit.

Aside of the gym we have a well laid out library and reading room and of course a swimming pool that allows you to enjoy the dip undisturbed. A dining place that can accommodate 150 packs at a time. A well endowed bar, card and snooker facilities go without saying. The Club also ha sits very own service apartments for outstation guests. Ready to take in 12 guests at a time the Club has 5500 sq feet of living space for affiliate members.