Fun Fun


Kids Competitions

This is a platform for young kids to show their talents to the world. They may not be in school, but that doesn’t mean kids have to stop learning or being creative. We help your kids have fun and harness and focus their energy by having, contests, games and other fun and educational activities. Not only do these activities stimulate the brain, they are extremely fun and engaging. So this is the right platform for your kids to showcase and harness their talents.


Sporty Kids

In today’s age of health and fitness, more and more kids are involved in sporting activities. Although being part of a football, soccer or Little League team is an important rite of passage for many children. The majority, if not all, sports are good, provided that the child prepares appropriately. At Deccan Club we believe that it is our responsibility to nurture these young athletes and provide them an environment that harnesses the fun of outdoor activities.


Indoor Fun

Apart from being extremely addictive, Indoor games can be a fun and enthralling experience for the complete family. Carom, chess, card games, board games, snooker and many more options to choose from. More over indoor games stimulate your analytical, deductive and strategic abilities. So put on those thinking caps and let the games begin.