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Banquet Hall

Life’s precious moments are to be cherished and celebrated with friends and family. Our banquet halls are suitable for corporate meetings, business meets, Parties and more. Be It Lunch or a Tea Party, a Birthday Parties or Hi-Tea Dinner or a family get together, our banquet halls are just what the doctor ordered. We have a menu that can make anyone’s mouth water with cuisines ranging from Indian to continental. So don’t wait any longer, book our banquet hall for your next party.tempor


Raise a Toast

Whether it is a birthday, an engagement party or a commemorative dinner, no celebration is complete without a proper toast. The moment where you express your love and appreciation for someone on a special day or event in front of all your family and loved ones.
We believe in celebrating friendship, oneness and togetherness. So the next time you think about raising a toast for that special someone or your best man, think of us.


Coffee Shop

They say that on average, humans are more productive during morning hours. Naturally, a cup of coffee is essential to bounce back. Its something to help you regain your sanity after that very stressful day at work or the stressful day ahead. Come and Enjoy the ambiance, the view and the beautiful aromas at our coffee shop.


Fine Dining

We offer our guests patrons the finest in food, service and atmosphere. Many people choose fine dining restaurants for a special occasion, so we assure you that the food will not disappoint in selection or quality. Our menu is a blend of class and exquisite experiences. The customer service is impeccable because we believe in taking your experience far beyond taking an order and delivering food. Experience class, experience fine dining like never before.


Appetite on the Lawns

Take a stroll, grab a lawn chair, sit back and enjoy the pleasant breeze gushing through the air while you enjoy your meal with the family. There is no feeling like the one you get when you glide your feet over some wet blades of grass on the lawn and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Come join us on the lawn for lunch on Sunday.